Substring in c programming, c substring

  Substring in c programming: c programming code to find a substring from a given string and forĀ all substrings of a string, For example substrings of string “the” are “t”, “th”, “the”, “h”, “he” and “e” to find substring we create our own c substring function which returns a pointer to string. String address, length of substring required and position ... Read More »

Matrix multiplication in c language

Matrix multiplication in c language: c program to multiply matrices (two dimensional array), this program multiplies two matrices which will be entered by the user. Firstly user will enter the order of a matrix. If the entered orders of two matrix is such that they can’t be multiplied then an error message is displayed on the screen. You have already ... Read More »

c programming examples

C programming language: To easy learn c you must start making programs in it. As you may already know that to develop programs you need a text editor and a compiler to translate source program into machine code which can be executed directly on machine. Dev C++ IDE is a good choice, so if you are not having it installed ... Read More »